Advantages of SMS Gateway

SMS isn’t chained to the mobile phone; SMS gateway allows computers to send and receive SMS, establish a telecommunication network. Most SMS is transmitted through the mobile phone networks. It provides support for email conversion and other media platforms.

Direct-to-mobile gateway

A direct-to-mobile gateway is a device which has built-in GSM connectivity, it allows SMS to be sent or receive from emails, from web pages, or from other platforms via securing unique identity form user’s Subscriber Identity Module(SIM) and the number is installed in the gateway.

Marketing aspects

Email clients

The text message can be sent from a personal computer to the mobile devices via SMS gateway or Multimedia messaging service (MMS) by using most known email programs such as hindi good morning sms, Outlook etc. The message sent via email simultaneously addresses to multiple mobiles in order to promote the brand or sending alerts.


On the Internet, there are certain platforms available that use an SMS gateway for marketing or communicating. These are,

AOL Instant Messenger

The AIM in instant messaging program. IT uses ProprietaryOSCAR instant messaging tool and TOC protocol that allows registered users to communicate in real time.


ICQ was the first instant messaging tool with individual user accounts to communicate one-to-one in real time.

Microsoft Outlook

Part of Microsoft office. Although most part of it is used as an email it also has a calendar, task manager, contact manager, and journal.


Skype is a treading platform today. It’s providing video chat and voice call between computers, tablets, and mobiles.

Yahoo messenger

Yahoo Messenger is an advertisement instant messaging client protocol provided by Yahoo!, easily available to download.