Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

Hot massage is one of the most popular types of massage and is a natural therapy. In this therapy a professional masseuse puts hot stones on different pressure points of the human body. The stones used in this kind of massage are river rocks and are properly sanitized before beforehand. Some of the main benefits of getting a hot stone massage are:

Courtesy: Ventana Big Sur

1. Muscle Relaxation

Hot stones help in relaxing your muscles enabling professionals to effectively manipulate deep tissues of the body. When travelling, the muscles get extra stiff and tight, hot massage is the perfect solution to ease the tension in muscles.

2. Pain Relief

Most types of massage therapies can help in relieve pain caused by stiff joints, injuries and tense muscles. Hot stone massages are more effective for pain relief than other therapies. This is because these massages enable therapists to penetrate the deepest muscles. You have to be careful that therapist apply the right amount of pressure and use required types of stone in order the massage to be effective.

3. Improved Circulation

Another benefit of hot stone massage is that it helps in improving blood circulation. Usually therapists leave the hot stones on the main pressure point of the body for some time before starting the actual massage. Heat from the stones penetrates into the tissues opening your blood vessels and leading to better blood circulation. One of the main reasons of fatigue is poor circulation of the blood.

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