The End-Time Model of Power Evangelism

Nowadays, the Lord is restoring His authority and power to the normal supporters in the End-time churches so that they will be able to achieve the Abundant Commission. We title this salvage as the ‘End-time Model of Evangelism’.  You can of sequence call it something else.

Churches, using these educated believers, can now arrange regular low-budget neighborhood recovery rallies.  It’s no more mandatory for them to rely upon ‘celebrity’ recovery evangelists to run these curing rallies. You can also browse to get more info on youth ministry.

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Every believer can exercise her or his religion and fixes the infirm during these rallies.  When the pre-Christians watch the wonders and listen to the gospel, their hearts will be exposed into accepting Christ as their Savior.

In neighborhood evangelistic healing times, yet another plus factor is the new believers are going to have their Christian friends and loved ones to supply them with religious follow-up and service.

There’s a higher chance that these new believers are becoming a part of their church and subsequently, they will execute the End-time version of evangelism.

Therefore, evangelism of this sort may be an ongoing and continuing quality of the lifetime of each church.  This version of ‘power evangelism’ isn’t based upon the Holy Spirit’s gifts of recovery but instead of the power and authority bestowed upon the believers from our Lord Himself.