How dangerous is Roundup Weed killer?

According to a recent news Roundup, the most popular weed killer has been banned in some countries. This has stunned many farmers as it has been found to cause cancer.  It's the most popular weed killer used by gardeners, farmers and there are more than 750 products containing the compound on sale in the USA, which means they're probably also available in every state.

According to the reports of National Pesticide, the Roundup weed killer has the toxicity of glyphosate-based herbicide in small doses. It can enter the body through the skin, by breathing, and by ingesting the liquid. Pets may be more at risk if they consume the substance.

Once it binds tightly to the soil it may stay in it for up to six months. Studies found that vegetables grown in soggy dirt take the substance. Other studies have found that it is connected with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. There are many cases filed against Monsanto Roundup, you can learn more regarding the same at

In some countries, there is little control over how crops are sprayed with herbicides. Videos have emerged of men wearing no protective clothing and waving sprays in such a way that it drifts widely and contacts their bodies.