Repair, Restore, Remodel with Multi-Tools

This superior flexibility makes start a great tool for simple renovations like flooring, tiles, windows, and cabinets. Fein Multi-Master Start includes a sanding pad (with hook and loop design for easy changes on the job) and five of each type of sanding sheet at 60, 80, 120, and 180 grains.

Early also includes: lock and bolt mounting rigid stopping knife for lifting linoleum, adhesive residue, carpet, tape, paint, etc. and (29mm) universal E-Cut blade to the base and working the floor. If you are looking for renovating tools online then you can navigate this link

E-Cut blade is ideal for door jambs, toe kicks, baseboards, and other flooring applications. It's easy to cut through plaster, wood, drywall, and plastic and synthetic materials. The blades have a unique fine tooth pattern for enhanced control, accuracy and blade life, and a flush-cut design that provides the perfect piece perpendicular to the floor and tight areas.

Fein MultiMaster Select and Top both offer features that start with a few more benefits. The MultiMaster Select is professional remodeling tools that are built with quick clamp system quick IN Fein free tool that allows for fast and simple, keyless accessory changes and strong, the same variable motor speed.

Select includes, also, carbide-tipped saw blade and HSS segmented saw blade. Carbide blade is very important in removing damaged tile joints and carving grooves in plaster, concrete, and other similar building materials.

The segmented blades flat and high speed, which is designed to cut-glass fiber, carbon fiber, 20 gauge sheet metal and hardwood. Segmented blade shape makes it possible to cut right or ninety-degree angles without over-cutting.