RINGTV Will Be Streaming Canelo-Golovkin Fight

RINGTV will be hosting as well the Canelo vs GGG super fight that is going to take place at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena on the 16th of September and while both fighters are preparing for their bout. Boxing fans all over the world will get to see them live on PPV featured in Spanish and English languages. They will have full access to the show as The Ring Magazine headlines the most anticipated fight of the year. Flipps Media which is another viewing platform will provide the necessary technology for streaming to give viewers a smooth connection to ensure viewer quality and satisfaction.

Golden Boy Promotions with CEO Oscar De La Hoya showcases their live streaming function and is happy to say they are the very first boxing promotion company to let their viewers watch live on Facebook. And CEO Oscar is inviting all of its boxing fans to watch it live on a streaming platform for their convenience as well.

Oscar De La Hoya sees the potential in every aspect using the social media and the internet as an advantage on the business side. There are a lot of boxing fans only wished they had the money to fly over to Las Vegas and watch the fight, however, it is not applicable in most cases. Golden Boy Promotions made a very bold decision to tie up with other companies and platforms to give their fans an experience online to their convenience and give them more access to the internet to watch the fight. Although they have to pay to view it, it is still a good market and decision to do so since right now, the internet is available for everyone. Marketing and several promotions have been done to promote the fight and it has been successful, but for now, it is up to Golovkin and Canelo to make everything happen and entertain their fans in the ring and give them what their money’s worth.