Roatan, an Idyllic Caribbean vacation

Roatan was once a famous castle with pirates who plied the West Indies looking for Spanish galleons laden with gold and silver. Plentiful food and freshwater, together with many coves and inlets hidden island, giving Buccaneers with the perfect hiding place.

Today, however, when you fly to Roatan, all that awaits you turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and mountain backdrop. The present-day island, which was a friendly descendant of the pirates, runaway slaves, colonists, and native of India, speaking lilting Caribbean English. And indeed, refer to themselves as English. You can get more information about Roatan and different things to do in Roatan via

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Long known as a haven diver, Roatan remains isolated and laid back, tropical create an atmosphere for a wonderful holiday. A wide range of facilities to accommodate a variety of budgets and diverse attractions appeal to travelers of all ages.

Geography and Location

Roatan forms part the Bay Islands of Honduras, an archipelago of three major islands, three small islands, and more than 60 cays, which is located just 30 miles from the mainland. It is the largest island about 30 miles long and from one to three miles wide. A small mountain ridge running along the spine of the island offers extensive sea views.

The main attractions

Roatan boasts most of the beaches in the Bay Islands. gentle waves lap gently on the sandy shoreline where you can swim, play, or sling a hammock between palm trees, and do nothing. While there are many secluded beaches, West End Village and West Bay Beach have long been a favorite spectacular of travelers and local residents. Catch a water taxi from West End to West Bay for extra fun!