Save the Polar Bears – Recycling Lessens the Effect of Global Warming

The natural earth temperature is now increasing at an alarming speed. The mix of gasses from the air makes a blanket that traps in heat necessary for life on earth to exist. However, the trend of its growing amounts in the atmosphere has caused chaos not just to polar bears and their habitat but to other animals as well. This scenario of increased temperature, having its impact globally is now called global warming.

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But what has caused this sudden increase in gasses? More importantly, what has led to the amount of carbon dioxide to increase beyond the standard limits? What has occurred to Mother Natures' method of keeping the carbon dioxide levels in check?

Mother Natures' trees and plants breath-in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. That is the biological carbon system. However, with the massive scale timber harvesting and the resulting deforestation, the machine has broken down.

It is, therefore, our duty to repair things and to clean up the pollution we have created. Countries have enacted legislation to stop deforestation and funds are allocated and made available for the planting of trees.

If companies and households reduce, reuse and recycle their waste afterward incinerators and landfills will decrease in operation. Of the three phrases in the campaign, the last is the most popular. Recycling can be done by everybody. It's taught in schools and even preschoolers today know how to separate trash and how to identify that containers are recyclables. If we all practice recycling, then it is going to help a great deal in reducing global warming. It will also help rehabilitate the habitat of polar bears.

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