A Square Scrub Machine For Dry Strip A Floor?

First of all let’s define what it means to strip a floor. A commercially tiled floor is usually made up of vinyl composite tiles (VCT tiles) with layers of floor wax applied to the top to give it a shine.

Over time (depending on how much wear and abuse the floor gets) the wax coating will become scratched, scuffed, dirty, dull, and possibly yellowed. It’s time to get that old wax coating off and apply a new finish.

A chemical reaction happens to soften and loosen the wax coat. Afterward a rotary floor buffer using a rough stripping pad is used to mill that loosed wax.

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This produces an extremely unpleasant slurry mix on the ground that then has to be mopped or vacuumed up from the ground until it dries.

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After all of the slurry is off the ground the surface ought to be neutralized using another solution. The neutralizer is an essential measure to help stop clouding of the flooring wax later on.

Utilizing a sterile stripping machine in this way provides you with a few benefits over the old means of stripping the flooring.

To begin with, you do not need to take care of that nasty stripping alternative. Secondly, it is possible to get right into a leaky task without needing the stripping way to operate on your own floor wash it vacuum it up, rinse off it, and allow it to dry until getting to the waxing section.