Switch to organic beauty habits

Have we ever bothered to know what the ingredients make up the conventional beauty products? They are grown with harmful chemicals and pesticides, they are not environmentally safe or even safe for your skin, and they are also not tested thoroughly on the human body but are tested on animals which are far different from those of humans. Despite all these unexpected effects of conventional beauty products we still keep on buying them and using the just due to our sheer ignorance or negligence. When we are a bit cautious about our skin our first step would be to skip from non-organic to organic products.


Here are some answers to your why but?

It prevents skin irritation: When you are used to those mainstream products you are applying making your skin open to harsh and corrosive chemicals On top of that if you have sensitive skin then the reaction the conventional cream would cause to your skin would be fast and tremendous. Organic skin care brands are the only reliable products for such cases.

No toxic smells: Apart from harmful chemicals the mainstream beauty products also contain harmful fragrances. Though you might feel how this could harm somebody, you would be surprised to hear that most of the cases of migraines, sinuses, allergies are the reaction to toxic smells. This is excluded in the organic beauty products which smell good without any harmful fragrances.

No internal harm: When it is the purest of all ingredients going inside your skin be assured that your skin will glow from within.