Properly Organizing A Commercial Walk-In Freezer

There is nothing worse than food waste which could be directly attributed to improper commercial walk-in freezer organization. I’ve worked in a number of restaurants in my time and in almost all of them it was my obligation to keep the industrial walk-in freezer in tip-top shape since.  If you are looking for more details about cool rooms you may check here

Properly Organizing A Commercial Walk-In Freezer

Off-Loading the Product

If possible you'll want to start things off on the right foot by making certain you dolly in the item already split into the segments of where it'll be kept in the industrial walk freezer. Slide them off the dolly directly in front of the area you'll be keeping them and leave sufficient space for another pile right together and make certain there is sufficient space to fit between the piles and the storage rack.

Rotating the Item In The Industrial Walk-In Freezer

By law, you'll be asked to date everything and rotate it. If you have dealt with restaurant food storage until you'll know the old expression, FIFO. This ensures that the oldest product gets consumed and this is the main step in preventing wasted product. I have seen it many times where idle people would just stack the new right in addition to the old, not great.

Double Check Your Work

You want to be certain that you return through and check every last box, bag or storage containers to make sure it's a suitable date affixed and in some instances also the specific time. Make certain all your piles are stable and will not easily tip over. I really got trapped on a pallet of merchandise plus a large stack of approximately 500 lbs of 50 pound boxes.