The Usage Of Printer Cartridges In Modern Day Office

The inkjet printers & the ink printer cartridges were introduced in the year of 1984. Before the inkjet printers, dot matrix printers were commonly used. The dot matrix printers were not dependable. But the inkjet printers & ink jet printer cartridges were convenient & easy to use.

By the year of 1990, the technology for the ink printer cartridge was accepted by the ink cartridge & printer manufacturers. This printer technology is preferred by most of the printer consumers. Visit  to buy the best printer cartridges online.

Inkjet printers have different cartridges – one for black & other for color. Then there are photo printers in which for each color there are different cartridges. Every ink printer cartridge can work with certain model of printers only.

For the inkjet printers, it is very easy to find right cartridge for replacement. One can use genuine or OEM, generic or remanufactured cartridges once the cartridge is empty. One can refill their cartridge by themselves as there are kits available in the market to refill the empty cartridge.

The genuine or OEM cartridges are expensive than other cartridges, hence consumers go for remanufactured cartridges which are basically empty cartridges refilled by third party companies. The quality of the printing using these cartridges is almost the same though not identical.

Reasons like convenience ease of usage, quality of printing & cheaper prices have helped inkjet printer & ink printer cartridges to establish themselves in the market.