Explore and Experience the Cool Kawasan Falls and Beautiful View of Osmeña Peak

There are a lot of non-local guests and foreign tourists coming in that are more in to do extreme activities what will require their physique and stamina. They are the more active group that are looking forward to their stay in the province especially in Cebu since the place has so much to showcase to them. The Osmeña peak to Kawasan falls is the well-known activity that guests that are staying wanted to do during their visit. The local tourist guides will be working side by side with them to ensure that they will have the best time of their lives and make sure as well that their safety is not compromised.

The day tour activity will get them closer to nature and let them feel upclose what the place offers to them. It will definitely test their stamina and endurance since they are going to traverse the path from Osmena peak to Kawasan falls – more than an hour trail infact. Once they reach the end point of their trail, they can do a different activity like cliff jumping or cliff diving – tree-swing-jump can be done as well. The overall day tour will definitely meet their expectations and what they are looking for.