Why to eat at the Lighthouse

You would like to be at the Lighthouse since the food is superb. It is the sort of brand new, kind of healthy stuff you have seen around the town: broiled vegetables, ceviche, octopus, chicken – but performed much, far better than normal.

Lighthouse is not just another Williamsburg restaurant that uses "neighborhood" ingredients, which has an oyster happy hour and functions "intriguing" wines. Lighthouse does all of those things – but does these with real intensity. Their ingredients are not only fresh – there is apparently a man named Carlos who attracts Lighthouse its chickens directly in a farm every two days. Their happy hour is not only a fantastic bargain – that the wine glasses on particular are from what bottle has been available, giving you a opportunity to try stuff you may not. And unlike plenty of casual-seeming places with not quite casual rates, everything at Lighthouse is cheap, the only issue is that the outdoor restaurant furniture needs some upgrading. Lighthouse does not only talk the talk. It reacts it, also.

Should youn't reside in the area, you may not think to shake to Williamsburg in your standard weeknight for chicken, chicken or even a burger, or broiled vegetables.

There are always folks here, but not any audiences. The area feels like it goes somewhere else – such as a place where folks do not sometimes pee on sidewalks. However, it isn't only the air which makes Lighthouse feel just like the specific area that you wish to be in the end of the day.