Earthly Ingredients Are Beneficial For Every Skin Texture


Increased knowledge and awareness among consumers has influenced and increasedthe demand for such products which comprises of little or no artificial ingredients. Putting tradition makeup for hiding imperfection and for enhancing skin tones is not recommended these days. Traditional cosmetics are comprising of dyes, talc, fragrances and other synthetic ingredients and these ingredients has harmful effects on skin. Continuous use of traditional makeup increases skin irritation, dryness, wrinkles and early aging.

Putting makeup is todays fashion statement but be more natural has been added to it. Organic and natural products enhance the skin texture and are beneficial for skin. Mineral makeup comprises of organic and natural minerals which are suitable for every skin type. Organic mineral makeup does not harm the skin and does all the job of tradition makeup.

Result of mineral makeup are better than traditional makeup as with regular usage of mineral makeup there is improvement in skin texture. Mineral makeup is comprising of earthly ingredients and one must go through the ingredient list before purchasing it.

Makeup artist and dermatologist recommends mineral makeup as it is suitable for every skin texture i.e. dry, normal and oily. Mineral makeup does not clog the pores and makes the skin to breath.Mineral makeupcomprises of titanium dioxide, mica and other such minerals which are healthy for skin. Moreover, mineral makeuphas longer shelf lifeas its ingredients do not allow any bacterial growth.All such qualities of mineral makeup haveincreased its client base and increased the sale many folds.

Makeup Tips Every Girl With Freckles Should Know

If you have freckles on your face, covering them is not the only option.You can easily use make-up products to enhance the beauty of your freckles instead of hiding them. At times in process of hiding the freckles you can end up applying extra make-up. Below are a few tips every girl with freckles should know:


1. Select a lighter shade of foundation

If you have freckles it is advised by professional make-up artists to use a lighter shade of foundation as it creates a sheer look. By using a highly pigmented foundation you can make your freckles look muddy.

2. Use your brow color or pencil to make freckles prominent

There are chances that in the winter the freckles may fade away.So it is suggested by professional make-up artists to make the freckles prominent by using an eco-makeup brow pencil. You can subtle the depth to the complexion of your face by using a brow pencil.

3. When finding perfect match of foundation try it on neck

If you have freckles on your face it can be difficult to select the exact and matching shade of foundation so it is advisable to try foundation on your neck. In this way you can get the closest matching foundation for your face as you can end up with darker shade of foundation if you try it on your face because of freckles.

These are a few tips that every girl with freckles should know so that shecan easily achieve a flawless and beautiful look.