Top Exercises Used In Fitness Training Camps

Courtesy: ignaciosports

For most people who have never been to a fitness training camp, the name itself and the online reviews as well as those from friends and family might seem intimidating. One might not be sure whether they are fit enough to engage in the numerous exercises done at the camp. However, the idea is to not be scared, but embrace this as an opportunity to test your fitness limits. Hence, below is a list of top exercises used in fitness training camps, to familiarize most with what would be expected there.

1. Pushup pass

The medicine ball is used in numerous exercises at the fitness camp. The pushup pass is a common one, where you need to get in a pushup position. Place the ball under one hand, do the pushup and then pass the ball over the other hand. This a great way to build up muscle strength and endurance.

2. High Knees

The High knees exercise is also extremely popular as part of a cardio drill. You would need to run in one position while placing your hands facing palms down in front of your body. The key is to bring each knee towards your hand alternatively and tap it.

3. Jump rope

There are numerous exercises that you can do with a jump rope at a fitness training camp. Some of them include: a boxer’s jump, where you jump and tap each heel alternatively on the floor as you land, and the crossover jump, where jump and you cross your arms while the rope is in air.

Therefore, there are many other exercises including the aforementioned ones which you might experience at a fitness training camp in Thailand.