Back Pain: Knowing All Important Facts

Back pain is quite common these days. Many people are getting affected by this problem, though reasons may vary. From slight strain to a herniated disc, anything can result in back pain. Back pain is a common term because it is usually one part of the back that aches. It could be upper back, middle back or lower back.

If you are suffering from lower back pain or lumbago, then you will feel pain along the spine, originating from the neck and going down to the hips. In the majority of cases, the pain is not caused by anything serious problems and usually get better over time. Even a pulled muscle or sleeping in an unusual position can also cause back pain.

There are certain facts about back pain that will make you think seriously about this problem.

1. Most people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life.

The spine is a strong, stable structure that doesn’t get damaged easily, but when it does, then it is definitely not a great thing to happen. It will hurt very badly in the whole back region. Though 98% of back pain cases don’t go a long way down the road, those who do are nothing less than nightmares for the people.

2. Getting a scan of your spine is of no use.

Back pain is one of those medical problems that can’t be identified through X-rays or any other type of scan. People have to explain the issue to the physician and then, get the right treatment. Unless there is an obvious trauma in one or more vertebrae, it is hard to detect anything in the scans. It could be back pain or it could be sciatica as well. This can only be known once people consult their physicians.

3. Avoid all day long bedrest, resume your daily activities.

Taking bed rest is important, but sleeping all day long won’t do any good for your back. It is better to take some rest and then, resume with your day-to-day activities. If you think that the problem is on your sciatic nerve, then there is the treatment available for sciatic nerve pain at Back Solutions Clinic that you can consider taking.

4. Don’t be scared while bending or lifting

People around you would give all sorts of suggestions like, don’t bend too much or too lift some heavy object. What experts have to say about bending and lifting is that there is no need to over exaggerate these things. If you have to bend and lift something up, then you can, given it is not that heavy. Lifting a beanbag or a small rug won’t hurt your back.

It is important to identify the true problem, whether it is back pain or sciatica. If it happens to be sciatica, then you will have to take sciatica nerve treatment from BackandSciatica. It is very important to take steps to resolve the problem rather than just thinking that it will go on its own.