Thailand Festivals January 2018

With the start of every New Year, people of Thailand gear up with a whole year of unique, colourful and wonderful events. Every month there are various festivals that are celebrated in different cities, provinces, and areas. Following are some festivals that are celebrated in Thailand:

Courtesy: upload.wikimedia

1. National Children’s Day

This festival is celebrated on the second Saturday of January and in Thai language, it is called Wan Dek. On this day children across the country get gifts from all family members and are treated with extreme affection. There are various markets and activities on which there are discounts, especially for children.

2. Ruam Nam Jai Thai Sakon Fair and Red Cross Fair

This festival is celebrated at the start of every year and is celebrated in the city hall of Sakon Nakhon that is situated in the Northeast of Thailand. This festival consists of many types of floats that feature various traditions and cultures of the area including Vietnamese, Chinese, Kula, Phu Thai, Yor, So and Ka Lerng. Moreover, they have stage performances, traditional dinners, and folk culture contests.

3. Thailand Tourism Festival

This festival is celebrated in Lumpini Park that is situated in Bangkok. This festival starts on the 17th of January and ends on the 21st. In this event key landmarks, products, and cultural heritage of five main regions of Thailand are displayed all over the country. During this 5-day event, tourists from around the world and locals will have a chance to see authentic Thai culture and immerse themselves in it.

Moreover, you can use Thai app store to download maps to reach the exact location of the event.