Things You Should Know About Metal Stamping

There are different types of ink and stamping paint that work better with one ingredient above another. Take a step back and make your own stamps to decorate your world. Involve the children too, because stamping is easy enough for them to do it themselves.

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Lampshade Decoration

Decorate the lampshade with stamps; the light will shine through them and illuminate your stamped form, producing great visual effects. Remove the lampshade from the lamp.

Dip foam or rubber stamps into craft paint and press firmly on the lampshade with a smooth surface. Carefully shake the stamps back and forth to apply the paint around the curved color. Let the paint dry thoroughly before changing shade and turning on the lights.

Labeled clothes

Use stamps on t-shirts to make all types of designs and write favorite sayings. Dip the shape of the stamp or letter into the fabric paint and press them onto a clean t-shirt. Write something funny, inspiring, cool, inspiring – whatever you want. Use "swollen" cloth paint to track your stamps in 3D when the stamped paint is completely dry.

Food stamping

Make your own stamps from fruits and vegetables. Children have fun with this and that requires very little material. Cut the apple in half, dip the inner surface into craft paint and press it on paper. All seeds and apple lines appear in the stamped image. Try the same process with other fruits and vegetables, such as mushrooms, citrus fruits, cucumbers, and watermelons.