Various Methods of Teeth Whitening

A teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry. Whiter teeth help you to boost your confidence and give you a brighter smile.

Average people’s teeth are naturally of grayish-yellow color, and also become darker with age. Teeth whitening treatments gives an opportunity to get a bright smile.

Not many treatments are suitable for everyone, so it's necessary to consult your dentist.

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Whitening toothpaste is confined to removing surface stains around the teeth. But because there is no bleach in the whitening toothpaste so they can only make your teeth one shade lighter.

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Teeth Whitening gels are peroxide gels which you can directly apply to your teeth. They usually need to be applied twice a day for 14 days.

Whitening rinses, like many types of mouthwash, fresh breath and helps reduce gum disease. They need to be swished around in your mouth for 60 minutes two times a day before you brush your teeth.

Tray-based tooth whitening systems work by filling a mouth guard with a gel whitening solution.

In-office whitening is the fastest way to whiten teeth. While dentist procedures are generally very costly but they produce the best results.

If you want white teeth in a short time then Zoom Whitening is the best option that helps to brighten your teeth 5 to 8 time’s whiter in a single dental appointment