Which Nigerian News Sites Are Reliable?

There are numerous Nigerian news sites that you can find online through various channels but only a few of them would be reliable and here we seek to go through ways of figuring out which ones are credible. The nature of the internet is such that anyone with the knowledge and resource could set up a website and publish news as there is no one who would monitor them unless they get lots of complaints which could result in the suspension of their accounts.

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But this would not prevent them from redoing things and then repeating the entire process through an unending loop. Its you, the reader of news online who needs to be wary of such sites. If you know what you are reading, things would be simplified and you would be able to distinguish between real and fake news.

Always cross check a piece of news with multiple nigerian news sites, especially the more popular ones so you know which information to trust.

Check which company is managing the website that you are referring to for Nigerian news and verify their contact information so you know whether its privately owned or something that is managed by an entire media house. The more details that a website may have available, the more reliable it would be but again, this does not rule out fake news that certain media houses use as their tools to enhance their own interests.