Why Adding Wine Makes Food Flavorful


When we watch our favorite chefs cook delicious authentic food, you must have noticed adding of wine in it. It’s not because they want to make the food look more attractive. Instead, it is the opposite of it. Adding wine makes the food more delicious and improves the flavor than ever before. Take sauces for instance; you have the likes of white sauce, brown sauce and even white sauce that gives the meat an extra kick to our tongue. These are a few reasons as to how adding wine to a dish makes it mouth-watering.

  1. The Acidity – All wines have different levels of acidic levels. For example; you cannot use a less acidic level red wine for making tomato sauce. This is because tomatoes are known to contain high-levels of acidity and using a low-level acidity wine will only hamper the entire sauce. Instead, you can use Chianti which is known for suiting the flavor of the tomato sauce. One of the main reasons behind using this wine is that, the grapes contain high levels of acidity that makes the tomato sauce taste wonderful.
  2. The Alcohol – Using alcohol has proven to improve the flavors of a dish. Moreover, alcohol content is known to release the molecules trapped inside the ingredients with a better flavor. However, you need to be careful while making sauces. The alcohol content needs to be burnt off completely and then reduced its content to half by not using any lid of the saucepan.
  3. Tannins – Tannins are the grapes skin, stem and seeds content that helps in making a wine. This factor is all about the drying sensation when added to a particular dish. For instance; if you’re making beef, then you need to use Cabernet Sauvignon that suits the beef’s protein content.

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