Why Joomla Web Design Is Preferred by Most Web Designers?

When it comes to website design, things are becoming easier by the day as the coding languages are becoming easier to handle and more user-friendly. There are built-in coded modules that could be used for building websites.

There are quite a few of these modules that enable web designers to design a website easily in short periods of time. Coding languages such as HTML and CSS are there to be used.

There are many advantages to using Joomla for web design.


Joomla could be used in many areas of web design. Content portals, blogs, and news portals are some of them. Also, it could be used to design e-commerce sites. Joomla & WordPress Web Design Services in Atlanta, Georgia understand each business is unique and so are its objectives which it wants to convey to target customers in an engaging way.

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Having built-in modules

If not for Joomla, when you need to install a search button or the login function, it is necessary for you to write the code. For this you need to know how to write it and also you need to spend some time on it but when you use Joomla, you never need to do anything. Such functions are there in Joomla modules. The web designer's job is made very much easier this way.

Possibility of customization

When you use Joomla modules, templates and functions, you have the option to customize them also. In case you want to create a template on your own and integrate it into the Joomla website, you have the option to do so. The same way you could develop your own modules if you want. This way Joomla allows you to modify your site according to your preference.

SEO friendly

Websites designed using Joomla are SEO friendly due to their simplicity. These simple websites are easy for the search engine crawlers to move over. In addition to the simple structure, the search engines generally prefer the PHP language due to its ability to create lighter web pages. Joomla also allows you to create static web pages in a short time.

Content Management

In case yours is an e-commerce site, you need a good content management system in order to manage your data. You have payment systems and invoicing to manage. Also, you need to categorize your data properly for your customers. Joomla is able to manage all these things perfectly well. The entire content of your website that includes articles, videos, pictures and everything else could be looked after by Joomla.