Worldwide Brands – Reviews and Questions

Although there are already a vast number of Worldwide Brands reviews online, I feel like I should add to that – or at least address some of the most common questions I've received about Worldwide Brands.

How many suppliers does Worldwide Brands have?

Worldwide Brands is a directory of about 8,900 wholesalers, drop shippers, manufacturers and liquidators as of May 2018.  That makes it one of the largest in the world – but still smaller than sites like DHGate and Ali Express.

How many are drop shippers?

About 60% of the suppliers in Worldwide Brands offer to drop ship goods directly to your customers.  Some of these will only offer drop shipping, and others will be large scale wholesalers and even manufacturers who offer to drop ship some or all of their products.

What about light bulk suppliers?

More than 90% of the wholesalers in Worldwide Brands will supply to new and established businesses in light bulk – that means with minimum orders of about $150-500 rather than in the thousands.

How does that compare to Salehoo?

Salehoo has about the same number of suppliers as Worldwide Brands, at around 8,900, but significantly fewer products are available from the sellers listed in Salehoo's database.  Salehoo has about 1.5 million wholesale products from their suppliers, while Worldwide Brands has over 16 million.